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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  September 11, 2015 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> carlos r.lilos. arnold. >> ray lynn. >> thomas leny. >> thomas c., jr. >> dian teresa la punishing erry. >> alan patrick, jr. >> alberto libriano. >> kenneth paul. >> ming lu.
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>> vincent m. >> harold. >> nancy lynn. >> george a.lang. >> martin. >> katherine lisa. >> elizabeth. >> michael williams lomack. >> jerom robert lewis. >> and my son, my beloved son joshua todd erin. not a day goes back that i don't think about you or talk to you. everyone's life you touched, knew your passion and your love and dmished in your absence.
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you are my gift and i am diminished in our absence. >> and my wonderful loving cousin joseph francis, the family misses your funny stories. god bless nueva york city and god bless our first responders. >> steven v. long. >> laura mary. >> salvador. lopez. >> daniel lopez. >> george lopez. >> lewis manuel lopez. >> nicole lopez, jr. >> manuel l. lopez. >> joseph. >> joseph lovrio.
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>> jenny wong. >> michael w. lowe. >> gary w. >> john. >> edward locket the second. >> lee charles. >> john thomas. >> daniel lugo. >> mary lucas. >> william, jr. >> michael v. london. >> christopher. >> anthony luke. >> gary lutnick. >> linda. >> alexander ligon.
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>> peter lynch. james. lynch, jr. >> lewis a. lynch. >> michael francis lynch. >> michael francis lynch. >> richard d. lynch, jr., and my father john joseph fannon. we all love and miss you tremendous. i'm so proud to be your daughter as named after you. i hope you're proud of the person i am today and to your beautiful granddaughter who you never met, she hears about her grandpa jack all of the time. and to my three fellow who also perished on that horrible day, may you all rest in peace.
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>> and my sister juanita lee, nina we miss you every day. not a day goes back that we don't think about you. you will be proud of your daughter nikki who is doing a beautiful job raising your brilliant and beautiful granddaughter, continue to be out angel and watch over us until we meet again, sister. >> robert henry, jr. >> sean lynch. >> mónica. >> patrick lyon. >> robert francis. >> marian mcfarland.
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>> william. >> katherine. richard madon. >> simon madison. >> noel c.myers. >> joseph mateo. >> charles w. mcgee. >> joseph v. >> ronald. >> daniel l. >> thomas a.mahan. >> williams james. >> joseph daniel mao. >> linda c. >> makimoto. debra maldonado. >> merna maldonado. >> gregory malone.
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>> edward francis the third. >> joseph e. >> jean edward. >> cristian. >> francisco mansini and my nephew kevin, you're always in our hearts. god bless you our troops, cops and firefighters and god bless the united states of america and the flight attendant, my cousin karen. >> joseph menglano. >> debra mineda. >> marian victoriaiaiaia
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>> joseph, jr. >> peter edward. >> charles joseph. >> edward joseph. >> kenneth joseph marino. >> visitta marina. >> kevin d. marlo. >> josé juan marlo. >> john samuel marshall. >> shelley a. marshall. >> james marcelo. >> michael. >> karen. >> peter d. martin.
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>> william martin. >> edward j. martínez. >> josé ángel martínez, jr. >> robert gabriel martínez. >> martínez calderón. >> paul rich. >> joseph a. >> bernard. ada akar. >> and my uncle firefighter james, the second. uncle swron you're the greatest example of a hero that i've before known, thank you we love you and we misyou. >> and my father firefighter lion smith, jr.
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mom, grandma, yolanda, we're confident today only knowing that you did a job well done. for all the 9/11 families, my family and on behalf of my family we wish you all peace blessings and continue to pray for those who act cowardly towards others. we thank you for your service. god bless. [applause] >> nicholas george maza. >> michael. >> sarah williams. >> joseph. >> carlos williams mather.
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>> william a. >> marcelo. >> margaret maddick. >> robert c.maxine. >> walter a., jr. jill mora campbell. charles jay. nancy morow. >> robert j. maxwell. >> renee. robert j. >> kathy. >> jennifer lynn posada.
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>> james joseph, jr. >> bryan gerard. >> john kevin. kenneth m. >> michael. thomas joseph. >> justin. >> kevin m. mccarthy. >> michael mccarthy. >> and my father charles joseph. >> and my mother maxima. we love you and pray.
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we miss you so much. you'll be so proud of us. your sons have accomplished so much. i know you're laughing about that. this year i missed you walking me down the aisle. i had an amazing escort, my brother, your son. you would be incredible proud of mommy and how well she had raised us. she's our rock and i know you're always there for her. please watch over all your family members and please say hi, to grandma. love you always and forever. >> robert g. >> juliana mccore. >> charles austin. >> daniel mccain.
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>> matthew. bryan mcdonald. >> michael b. mcdonald. >> john thomas, jr. >> daniel. >> ryan. >> thomas henry. >> michael gregory. >> william j. >> stacy. >> francis noel. patrick j. mcguire.
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>> denise j. the third. >> michael edward, jr. >> robert. >> donald james. >> george patrick, jr. >> and my father manuel osvaldo. dad, remembering you is easy, i do it every day, but missing you is the sorrow that never goes
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away. your sons and us we all miss you very much, dad. [speaking in spanish] >> a very bright light in so many lives. she was a wonderful mother to nicole and a sister and to many nieces and nephews, she was a friend, she was mentor and she was my ángel. she was a child of god. i know she watches over all of us, she will be forever missed and forever loved. >> robert mcman. >> daniel walker mcniel.
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>> walter arthur mcniel. >> kristin. >> john peter. >> firefighter robert william. >> firefighter karen a. >> firefighter timothy patrick. >> firefighter martin esm -- mcwilliam. >> abig el abigael medina. >> firefighter raymond. manuel. >> antonio melendez. >> mary. me --
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>> steward todd. >> oralia mena. >> carlos r. méndez. >> firefighter steve john mercado. >> alfredo mercado. >> wesley mercer. >> george l. marina. >> josefina moreno. >> it's been 14 years and we have missed you every day, we miss your smile, laughter and your friendship. most of all the sound of your
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voice. this day never gets easier no matter how much time has passed. we know you are watching over us and you will always be remembered as an ángel and true hero. i am honored and proud to be your niece. i love you and miss you. god bless america. >> and my beautiful cousin, you have made such an impression in my life and continue to be an important part of it. i miss you so much. >> debra. >> raymond joseph the third. >> david robert myer. william edward.
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>> martin. >> ronald d. milan. >> peter milano. >> luka. >> sharon cristina milan. >> corey peter miller. douglas c. miller. >> henry alfred miller, jr. michael matthew miller. philip d. miller. >> robert alan miller. >> charles m., jr. >> ronald keith. william george. >> lewis joseph. >> thomas.
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>> dominic. >> joseph d. >> susan j. >> paul thomas mitchell. >> richard. >> jeffrey peter. >> frank, sr. >> lewis joseph. >> and our cousin mark joseph ellis, police officer. you're loved and miss. >> and my cousin. >> manuel d.mojica, jr. >> rolando molina. >> manuel do jesus molina.
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>> carl. >> justin john, jr. >> ryan patrick. >> franklin. >> john gerard. >> kristin lee montenero. michael g. >> carlos alberto montoya. >> antonio do jesus montoya valdez. >> cheryl. >> thomas carlo. >> sharon moore. laura lee.
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>> abner more -- morael. >> paula morales. >> sonia mercedes morales. >> gerard. moran, jr. >> john christopher moran. >> john michael moran. >> catherine moran. >> lindsey moorhouse. >> nicole moreno. >> dorothy morgan.
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>> richard j. morgan. >> nancy morgan. >> blanca morocho. >> jeramomo morocho. >> james gerard. >> and my husband firefighter michael carl. i love you, love you. love never dies. >> and my son ryan.
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we continue to love you and miss you so very much. god bless our troops, god bless our first responders, god bless new york city and god bless america. [applause] >> lynn morris. >> zeth alan morris. >> christopher morrison. >> william david. >> ryan a. moss. >> marco. >> can ican i >> jude joseph. >> damián o'neil. >> christopher michael.
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>> richard, jr. >> michael mullan. >> michael. >> peter james. >> michael joseph mullan. >> nancy núñez. >> francisco núñez. >> carlos mario muñoz. >> teresa. >> robert michael. >> césar agusto. >> ryan joseph. charles anthony murphy. christopher w. murphy. >> james s. murphy the fourth. >> james thomas murphy. >> kevin james murphy. >> patrick murphy.
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>> patrick sean murphy. >> and my uncle loving husband, brother and son. you'll be so proud of how big your daughter has gotten and your nephew paul and niece kathy you're not a victim you're considered a hero. we love and miss you every day. >> and my grand fare who i sadly miss meeting by sadly three months. >> robert eddy murphy, jr. >> john joseph murray. >> john joseph murray. >> richard todd. >> lewis j. the second.
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>> mildred rose. >> alexander john. >> frank joseph naples the third. >> maría, jr. >> norender. >> karen susan navarro. >> joseph m. >> francis joseph. >> glen roy. >> marcus medland.
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>> jerome. >> luke g. >> david williams nelson. james a. nelson. >> michelle nelson. >> peter alan nelson. >> óscar francis nelson. >> gerard nevins. >> christopher c.newton. ..
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>> >> happy birthday. we love you. >> jody. kathleen. martin stuart. alfonso joseph.
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gloria. one. joy edward nelson. paul. john. catherine. michael. dealer:. robert walter. jacqueline june norton. robert green norton. danielle a. brian christopher. brian. jose. james oakley. james o'brien, jr..
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scott o'brien. timothy michael o'brien. day hagel o'callaghan. diana o'connor. keith kevin o'connor. richard o'connor. douglas. albert '03. >> my god father and uncle richard assam all one decennial gabriel your spirit leaves on he will never be forgotten thank you so much to all of first responders including those who died trying to save his life on the 70th floor of the south tower. thank you for all you do. >> for my cousin, not a day
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goes by that we don't miss you and think about you prepare your in our hearts forever it keep looking over us and god bless you and god bless everyone. thank you. >> stella. fellow. john. james o'grady. joseph. thomas. samuel. william. gerald michael. gerald thomas larry. christine a. and. edward.
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-- elizabeth oliver. barbara ogden. more riegle's and. steven john. matthew timothy. schaede miss. john o'neill. peter o'neill, jr.. john o'neill. betty. michael. christopher. margaret. of virginia. rubin. kevin o'rourke.
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peter. want ortega. james. alexander. david ortiz. emilio ortiz. ortiz. and my brother your family and i miss you very deeply and words cannot express his sadness that we feel in our hearts with your lost. our lives will always be changed because you are not there. my prayer today is that each and every one of us will come together to love one another so that this horrific day and the allies that lost will not be in
6:36 pm
vain. love thy neighbor a and myself and be blessed. >> and my father river go hernandez. we love you, we miss you. >> paul ortiz, jr.. sonya ortiz. patrick. robert william. james. to mitt the frankland o'sullivan. jason douglas oz wall. michael john. michael john. tied joseph.
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dejesus. road lint. michael benjamin packer. diana. jeffrey matthew. richard. frank anthony. alan. christopher matt you.
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-- matthew. paul. john. edward joseph. salvatore. james nicholas poppet george her crowberry. -- marie. maya hero and my life than shining armor. >> my son and anthony we miss
6:39 pm
every day. we love him very dearly. >> james wendell. debra every harris. george harris. with philip parker. michael parks. robert parks, jr. robert. diane marie parsons. michael. gerald. loris robert. suzanne.
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stephen bennett patterson. james matthew patrick. man well. bernard patterson. clifford patterson, jr.. sierra marie. robert patterson. james robert fall. victor hugo. stacey linn. richard allen perlman. thomas nicholas. thomas. todd m. douglas. mike adrian. anthony.
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age-old. robert. hi richard turco. >> my cousin firefighter we love - - we love you, we miss you and you would be very proud how old your family has developed in the years without use. >> and my grandmother everything i worked hard for in strive to beat is for you and all that i love. >> salvatore. carl allen. john. angeles zoos and peres. anthony perez. nancy perez.
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joseph john. edward. glenn perry. glenn perry sr.. john william perry. franklyn alan. dna. michael john. gavin pearson. donald arthur peterson. jean. william. mark peterson. phillips got. -- scott. port authority police officer dominic. called the neck elizabeth. kevin pfeiffer.
6:43 pm
ken john. led wake -- ludwig. dennis appears. and bernard. nicholas. and my eight bader port authority police officer who is forever our hero we love and miss every day. >> and my cousin, 14 years later and we still think about you every day. with your beautiful daughters who both just started there first year in college a couple of weeks ago. a share your tremendous passion for life, your
6:44 pm
curiosity about everything and your sense of a venture. you would be very proud of the young women they have become. we all love you very much and will never forget the q new york for remembering. >> joseph. christopher todd. joshua todd. sandra frazier. john. william howard. warda michael. thomas. susan. joshua.
6:45 pm
g.o.p. are not. and anthony. richard. stephen emanuel. scott allen paul. john edwards paul. antonio. gregory. wanda. vincent. kathryn. richard. robert david. edward. patricia and. herman. >> and my mother we miss you
6:46 pm
every day and everything about you. i hope you can see up above what a wonderful job. we love you, we miss you so much. >> and our son and our daughter is my sister -- in a loss sister. >> joseph k.. edward. linkedin. beth a and. hector. michael. james francis. ricardo. carol. christopher peter anthony. eugene j.. michael paul.
6:47 pm
peter. harry. edward. lucas. maria ramirez. harry because. lorenzo ramsey. adam. jonathan randall. in g. rhonda. robert rasmussen. martha. david alan james. >> my brother on behalf of the whole family including my father who passed away last year, who founded
6:48 pm
difficult to remember this day but never wanted to forget his namesake son. >> and my father, we are your legacy we think about you every day and we look forward to continuing to live our lives in your tradition. >> william. gerard. of the shah. gregory. sarah. michele marie. judith. donald regan. thomas reagan. kristin michael. howard. james bryan riley. kevin o'reilly. timothy ryan a. ready.
6:49 pm
joshua scott reiss. karen. john. john thomas. martha. david. todd rubin. john frederick. francis. david. 11. cecilia richards. and my brother, said the
6:50 pm
unsung hero of my life, god bless the united states of america. >> my father although i was only three months old never met you mom always tells me how i exactly like you and i am very proud to be your son i will follow in your footsteps i know you were all the watching over me. god bless america. ♪ >> gregory david richards. michael richards. jimmy richards. alan j. richmond. john. frederic charles. rosemary.
6:51 pm
joseph. carmen. isaiah. wind william rivera. linda. rivera. david rivers. joseph. paul. john frank. stephen roach. leo arthur roberts. michael roberts. michael edward roberts donald walter robinson, jr.. jeffrey robinson. michele. donald arthur.
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antonio. raymond james. laura rockefeller. john michael. antonio jose rodriguez. and danny rodriguez. carmen rodriguez. gregory rodriguez. marsha rodriguez. my rug rodriguez. richard rodriguez. dated rodriquez and. >> to our above being brother nephew cousin and friend firefighter, thanks for being a hero to our family and to the people on the small island. we love you, we miss you every day. thank you for looking out your twin brother who was also a firefighter in
6:53 pm
houston, texas and to our sartre -- armed services the firefighters and police officers and to all armed services. god bless you all. [applause] >> to ma ree uncle we love you, we miss you. you are the reason that i wear this uniform and stand here today. god bless. [applause] >> matthew. car the rogers. scott william. keith michael. joseph. james. john paul. eric thomas. any data.
6:54 pm
angelo. mark. broke david. linda. cheryl. mark lewis. joshua. joshua alan rosenthal. richard david rosenthal. philippe martin. daniel. norman. nicholas. michael craig. market david. of james michael. nicholas charles alexander. edward. judy. timothy allen senior.
6:55 pm
paul. joanne. david. >> my father, ed dash d i love you i feel you with me and by the nea each and every day. you are forever in my heart and i am proud to be a part of your legacy. >> and my a aunt margaret unfortunately never had the chance to meet her but my name is margaret with the legacy of love and passion that is passed down through me and my brothers. >> susan. adamic keith. robert russell. stephen russell. steven harris. michael thomas russo senior. wayne. william. edward ryan. john joseph wright and.
6:56 pm
jonathan steven rice and. matthew ryan. christina. jason. thomas. scott. charles. joseph francis and. jessica. francis john. edward. john patrick. hernandez o rafael. >> george simmons. kenneth allen. >> for my a beautiful loving sister who my family and everyone who lost a piece of
6:57 pm
their heart who stayed strong always remember and embrace each gave. little saying from the key harrison, grief is like the ocean. it comes in waves at being and flowing. sometimes the water is calm and sometimes it is overwhelming. all we need to do is learn to swim. >> my father come on behalf of mom, and to our family be but like to think all aunt and uncle cousins for love and support. dad we hope to make you proud. keep looking out. cheers. god bless. [applause] >> michael seidman. paul joseph simon. marianne.
6:58 pm
gary. jane louise. jeff simpson. cheryl. thomas. peter syracuse. muriel. joseph michael. john. francis joseph, jr.. paul albert. christopher paul. bin said robert. paul. firefighter stanley, a
6:59 pm
junior. wendy small. craig. kathryn smith. daniel lawrence smith. gary smith. george eric smith. heather smith. james gregory smith. jeffrey smith. joyce patricia smith. carl smith senior. firefighter kevin joseph smith. leon smith, jr.. police officer moros smith. se mroy smith.ez smith. romney.
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rochelle. christine schneider. diane. >> roubaix and. rubin. naomi. daniel. marie. michael charles. the baby and. timothy patrick. gregory thomas. donald, jr.. thomas. john and dave.
7:01 pm
george edward spencer. >> my brother, richard, we miss you every day. i will run the new york city marathon for you this year to benefit this fine memorial. we love you. >> my brother the tenant phillips got petty new york city fire department ladder 12th. we love you, we miss you every day still. for you and all the innocent people cover senselessly killed on this site you will never be forgotten. [applause] >> robert anders cancer. mary.
7:02 pm
frank. joseph patrick, jr.. >> michael. lawrence. timothy. richard james. mary. patricia. craig william.
7:03 pm
william. eric thomas. william. edna. andrew. andrew. martha. stevens. james stewart. richard stewart, jr.. douglas. jimmy. timothy. james, jr.. edward w.. edward thomas. stephen straus.
7:04 pm
larry strickland. stephen. william christopher. and daniel thomas. christopher sullivan. thomas sullivan. james joseph. >> my brother we love you, we miss you body this year you were blessed with the birth of your second
7:05 pm
beautiful grandson in day set to an amazing standard how to deal with tragedy in you were in our hearts. >> my brother and, bob your family and my family miss you terribly. i never told you but you were my hero and the juan beneath my wings. i love you and i miss you and i will never forget you. [applause] >> robert. claudia susette. john francis. christine.
7:06 pm
brian david sweeney. bryan edwards sweeney. medellin amy sweeney. kenneth swain said. thomas swift. derek ogilvy. kevin thomas g. now. robert. here. joanne. norma. michael. phyllis talbott. robert.
7:07 pm
john. sean patrick. paul. rachel. hector lopez and. michael andrew. michael anthony. dennis gerard, jr.. kenneth joseph. alan. michael. dawn e. taylor.
7:08 pm
chip and taylor. leonard taylor. larissa of a tailor. michael morgan taylor. sandra taylor. sandra dodd and. carl. paul. anthony. david christoph peter. brian john. lisa marie.
7:09 pm
michael. >> and my brother. >> and resistor - - my sister. cady your beautiful smile remains within us. god bless. >> leslie thomas. clyde thompson. nigel thompson. william. eric.
7:10 pm
edward, jr.. john patrick. mary ellen. william randolph. kenneth. steven edward. michael. jennifer. roberts. john james. david. michele.
7:11 pm
location of nicole. john. stephen kevin thompson. doris amy elizabeth. daniel patrick trench. blended travis senior. james anthony.
7:12 pm
maryborough. lisa. michael. francis joseph. william, jr.. michael. lance richard. simon james turner. rob.
7:13 pm
jennifer. j.. my nephew. we miss you from your family i remember the happy times. your mom will shoot. >> to my son that we love and a mess so much better know you were in the safest place you could be right here in mommy's heart. we love you, we miss you dearly. >> tyler victor. michael. jonathan.
7:14 pm
alan. diane marie. john danehy and. bradley. william. dash. bonito. santos. , jr.. erica. kenneth. daniel. edward raymond. john charles. frederick.
7:15 pm
david vargas. scott. santos vasquez. peter. jorge velasquez. anthony mark ventura. david. loretta. christopher james. matthew gilbert. robert anthony. >> victoria. it joanna. joseph vincent.
7:16 pm
frank, jr.. joseph barry. claribel hernandez. sergio gabrielle. melissa vincent. francine. lawrence. joseph gerard. joshua. maria. lynette. alfred anton. gregory brutal. karen wagner mary alice. and my sister, mom is doing
7:17 pm
good but this is the first year she could not make the trip she is attending a memorial is given your honor in our home town. we love you, we miss you and we will never forget. >> my cousin we love you, we miss you you are for ever in our hearts. >> a and up. gabrielle lot. wendy allen's. victor. kenneth. benjamin f. james walker. glenn. mitchell scott wallace. peter.
7:18 pm
robert frances wallace. matthew blake. john wallace, jr.. barbara walsh. jim walsh. jeffrey walsh. schaede. michael. stephan. timothy ray. james. brian warner. eric christopher washington. charles. james thomas waters, jr.. patrick j. waters. kenneth thomas watson. michael henry. todd christopher. walter edward. nathaniel. diana webster.
7:19 pm
william michael. joanne. michael weinberg. steven weinberg. scott jeffrey. simon. david thomas. vincent michael. debra jacob wish. timothy. christian rudolph. john joseph. peter. meredith. eugene michael. james patrick. and by another it has been
7:20 pm
40 years from all of us here it could be 100 years and it will feel like yesterday's. especially in our hearts. >> tangent to my husband thinks you for letting me and watching over us. either of you. >> john white. kenneth white, jr.. anthony white. mullis the white. sandra white. wayne white. liana white side. leslie. michael. very. jeffrey david. william wic. glenn.
7:21 pm
brian patrick williams. john charles. candace williams. david williams. debbie williams. join williams. kevin michael williams. lewis anthony williams. lewis. donald wilson. william wilson. david harold. the top glenda -- glenn. frank paul. david. michael. christopher w. martin philip
7:22 pm
catherine susan. james. james john. marvin rogers would. dated terence. martin michael. rodney. william. john w. wright, jr.. sandra wright. jupiter. my sister which we have the hope of reaching up with her once again. we miss you. >> local one jack costello
7:23 pm
one of my a guardian angels my beautiful aunt. >> john is senior. vicki and see. matthew david. kevin. edward. kevin patrick york. raymond york. suze and martha.
7:24 pm
donald mcarthur. edmond day yong a junior. >> jacqueline young. the son yung. joseph. edwin. robert allen. mark. christopher. i read.
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your love and your spirit inspires us every day. for everyone who was impacted that day we will never need to be reminded to remember. we will never forget. >> my brother who continues to be our guiding light you will be happy there are six children and how they have come out. we are very proud of them and ensure you would be also. we think of you. never forget. we love you. >> dave said gregory. douglas macmillan. dorothy.
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john. david. frederick. john. gregory victor. thomas. and my brother. >> and my uncle. we miss you both in.
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[inaudible discussions] >> house speaker john boehner retweeted this: they come to remember their lives, they come to honor them, 9/11 families stand united. congressman from florida posted let's remember that survivors will be loosing health care unless congress reacts. and a tweet we need 9/11 health act to provide care to people like arthur newman from illinois
7:33 pm
who has cancer from the ground cleanup. a closer look at the towers that were replaced. it is the fifth tallest building in the world with 104 stories. our coverage of the 14th anniversary terrorist attack continues at 8 eastern with the president and first lady observing a moment of silence for 9/11 victims on the south lawn of the white house and then a ceremony for victim's families held at the pentagon today. >> turning our attention on the washington journal to 9/11. seth jones is joining us from the rand corporation. ruddy giuliani wrote this
7:34 pm
morning that suck attacks being stopped over the past five or six years, we must recognize they, those who want to destroy civilization are continuing the war against us. do you agree with that? >> guest: in 2014, the last full year of data on terrorism, the number of attacks jumped significantly from the year before. so if you look at the 2013 data, there were 11,500 terrorist attacks across the world. 22,000 deaths. in 2014, 13,000 attacks with 31,000 deaths. more than we have seen in the entire modern era. 2015 looks like it is going to be even more violent. so putting it in perspective, more terrorist attacks and more deaths than we have seen in the modern era. and in testimony earlier this year, the united states director
7:35 pm
of national intelligence said exactly the same thing in testimony. more deaths, more attacks than we have seen. in that sense, mayor guiliani is right. >> host: how do you classify a terrorist attack? >> guest: it has to have political objection and it can be against civilian or non-civilian targets. it comes from the university of maryland stark database for the definition. >> host: what do you think is the greatest threat facing us today? >> guest: i think there are several threats facing the united states in terms of terrorism. probably the most significant threat remains a couple groups. first is the islamic state. they pose a threat in several
7:36 pm
ways. one is the u.s.-embassy instructors overseas. a second is direct or inspired attacks in the united states. these tend to be armed assault style attacks that we have seen in paris, or in ottawa, canada or sydney, australia. you see the prolif ration. there are still people in yemen planning attacks. they do still present a threat to the u.s. homeland. >> host: isis or al-qaeda which one is worse? >> guest: i consider both to be a threat. al-qaeda has been weakening. its core in pakistan has been weakened. in somalia al-shabaab and
7:37 pm
al-qaeda has been weakened. so except for probably in syria, al-qaeda has been weakened and maybe in yemen even. in that sense the islamic state has expanded its reach in africa, south asia and middle east. based on its expansion i would say it presents a more problematic case because of the threat it poses to its homeland and expansion. >> host: seth jones, how does the crisis in syria play into all of this in >> well the crisis in syria, this as a key issue. and i will there is small numb from the united states and other locations to fight in syria and
7:38 pm
the concern, i think, for terrorism more broadly is for those people going in, it provides them expertise, weapons, explosive, propaganda, and the concern is they may take that and move to other battlefields or move back to europe or the united states to proliferate attacks. that is what makes syria a problem. the united states and european strategy for dealing with syria are not particularly clear, at least to me, long term. the solution for dealing with syria are more problematic thane most countries. >> host: our guest is seth jones of the rand corporation. the director of their international security and defense policy sector. 202 as we talk about 9/11 and potential threats to the u.s. 748-8000 and 748-8001 for
7:39 pm
mountain and pacific time zones. how much have we intent spent since 9/11 on additional security? >> guest: it is in the billions, probably hundreds of billions of dollars. i think there is an argument here about overspending in some cases. i think the reality, and it is hard for americans to internalize this. probably easier in the uk. you will not prevent everything so i think one has to learn to live with some level of risk. we face attacks n united states from individuals in malls, in movie theaters, schools, we deal with them. i am not saying that is good or
7:40 pm
bad. it is obviously bad but we have to learn to deal with some level of risk of terrorism without overspending our own resources. that is the delima of dealing with them in a way that minimizes the threat. not that we are spending money in areas we could be putting it in other places. >> host: where do you think we have spent effectively and where not? >> guest: one of the interesting thing is when the u.s. navy seals and intelligence operators that targeted bin laden in 2011, when they took a chunk of data from the compound, it was clear the al-qaeda leadership was concerned about how difficult it was to get into the united states. so i think one of the things that has been helpful is efforts by the department of homeland
7:41 pm
security, the fbi to monitor people coming into the this country by airplane in particular. but also by ground. people may have criticism of the no-fly list but i would say it made it more difficult to conduct an attack against the united states in the homeland. so that has been effective. where i think money could have been better spent is a lot of resources in my view have been given to law enforcement agencies in the name of count counterterr counterterrorism. the name has little to do with terrorism and more to do with a pot of money being out there that is tagged to terrorism then you justify your activities based on that. i think there is probably savings that can be made.
7:42 pm
>> usa today this morning. their view is isil represents the embodyment of evil and must not be able to plot attacks in the united states. and unless the current approach starts to show better results soon, america should prepare to take more aggressive actions. if there is one lesson the nations should have learned from the 9/11 attacks is the united states can't afford to ignore an antitrust group that established haven in a separate place. isil does not threaten america's interest is an opposing view.
7:43 pm
it will attract terrorist retaliation. we best protect national security by staying out of the war. where do you fall on the spectrum? >> guest: i would argue isil present as threat but you have to balance that in several ways. isil is targeting americans overseas and at home. we know this from multiple plots. the fbi has arrested multiple individuals and have ongoing counter terrorism cases around the united states. isil does show a threat. the expansion into africa and other areas of the middle east and south asia present a problem. but where i would say we have to think carefully about this is what the u.s. does. in my view, in these areas, and this is where neither of these pieces get into what is in my
7:44 pm
view the most important details and that is what the u.s. role in all of this? i think the u.s. has several rolls briefly. one is limited use of military force. i don't think what we want is large numbers of american military forces in these places. it is counter productive. and an important role of countering the ideas of these groups and second is building the capacity of the local government to deal with the threat. i think there are things the united states can do. i don't think it puts itself in a position of being the only organization. doesn't put itself in the organization of large number of forces on the ground. >> what is your background? how did you get into this area of work? >> guest: i started going to afghanistan just after 2001 as the war in iraq built up. people moved there attention in washington from afghanistan to iraq and i stuck with afghanistan. i spent a few years in the u.s. department of defense
7:45 pm
particularly the u.s. special operations looking at this issue and then rand and john hopkins on the issue. an academic and policy interest. >> host: john is calling from tampa. >> caller: i see three overall threats to the united states. one is cyber attacks from a variety of sources, two is hezbollah, hamas, or other terrorist groups coming through the borders that are open already, the southern border with mexico, what could stop that? these cells are just waiting to commit terrorist attacks should the u.s. attack iran. and the third possibility is someone flying a leer jet with an atomic bomb over a u.s. city or israel even. it would be a nightmare. how do we prevent these nightmares from occurring?
7:46 pm
>> guest: those are great points. cyber does present a notable threat and presents on intelligence threat and poses a threat, particularly if state or non-state actors can take down infrastructure and grids and the stock market in the united states. that has to be watched carefully. there are counter measures. offensive actions that can be done to target cyber cells operating overseas. on the broader point about mexico, i do think this isn't just a u.s.-mexican but canadian border and also airport areas. i think that what the vast majority of plots and attacks in the u.s. home over the last decade and a half have generally not come from people getting across the border into the mexico. there is information of networks
7:47 pm
that have considered using or gotten people into the united states via the u.s.-mexican border. i still consider it based on the path trajectory and future indications it is one of, but not the only, and may not be the most significant way people are trying to get into the united states. many are getting in through airports by flying from european or other areas in the u.s. and on the atomic bomb issue this has concerned people for a long time. the use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. most groups prefer conventional kinds of attack. but with isil we see the use of chemical attacks in syria and an interest in serin. nuclear would be difficult for some groups. not impossible. but chemical and biological there are groups that have programs.
7:48 pm
>> host: recently former new york city mayed rudy giuliani testified about potential 9/11 threats. i want to get your response. >> i think we have have to think of the fact that new york or washington, d.c. or los angeles is a major attack area, these new terrorist might be thinking let's attack them in places of less resistance. let's look for -- >> like chattanooga. >> right. chattanooga. what that means is a tremendous burden on the secretary of homeland security and the department to get a lot of departments that would not necessarily face a lot of emergency situations up to speed. and i think your encouragement and sensible funding of that, working with jeh johnson, could
7:49 pm
be a very important thing, because it is something we understands and something he is trying to do. >> host: seth jones? >> seth: i think he is right. i think giuliani's threat to -- from the extremist reaches to urban america outside of washington and new york in two ways. one is, i think, the garland, texas and even the chattanooga situation do demonstrate that groups or individuals or networks will conduct attacks against specific thing as they view as a threat. or when they have an opportunity. you see it at u.s. military basis, recruiting stations. the second issue is let's not forget some of the plots we have seen in the united states over the last decade or even five or
7:50 pm
six years -- a major al-qaeda plot against new york city and where did he build his bomb? in rural colorado. outside of denver. the time square bomber built the bombalomb in connecticut and drt in. most are connected to rural america where they reside and are building weapons. so what it means when it comes to funding as giuliani mentioned this is not just a washington, new york, los angeles, chicago threat. this is hitting mainstream america. my last point i would just remind folks is all it takes now is a computer to be able to watch these jihadist videos.
7:51 pm
the tweets coming from the islamic state in the arabian peninsula. to watch and read their facebook pages has increased the probability of individuals in mainstream america or mexico or canada and across north america to be inspired by it. >> you talked about connected. how connected and coordinated are some of these move lments? are they connected or separate minus their desires? >> seth: there are two broad movements one is al-qaeda and the other is the islamic state/isil/isis. when you move out of their core areas and into europe or the united states, these organizations are pretty fragmented, fractured, individuals are inspired and have no connection.
7:52 pm
we used to see in the early days after 9/11 people would get inspired and go overseas to pakistan, train, talk to the people, go to a jihadist battlefield and come back. they may stay here and be inspired by listening to propaganda online. what it suggest is the both movements are increasingly decentralized. that makes it more difficult to counter in a sense. >> host: next call is coming from larry in griffin, georgia. >> caller: yes, i have a question and brief comment. what is isil going to do with $150 billion dollars? and there has been a terrorist attack in the metro atlanta area. i was sitting in my living room and received a call from what i believe is pakistan wanting me to pay back income tax of $4,000
7:53 pm
and needed to be paid within the hour or the feds would be out here to arrest me. so i got my bottle and medication and went out to the driveway and called the local authorities and they said the irs would contact me by mail if i owed any income tax. >> seth: larry, your first question in particular about isil, isil has substantial amounts of money. hundreds of millions. they don't get it the way al-qaeda did like through the gulf but from internal operations. one thing they are doing is primarily focusing on fighting the wars in both iraq and syria. they have distributed some money, probably more in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to sells in places like libya,
7:54 pm
afghanistan, and pakistan, you see the growth of isil support. you see it with the graffiti in pakistan. i haven't seen large amounts distributed to networks or cells on the united states. they are focused mostly on the battlefield in iraq and syria and distributed to some other cells. >> host: in new york city city, live pictures of some of the gathering and the ceremony getting ready to get started down at the world trade center. these are live pictures from new york down there and that ceremony will be on c-span as well as the pentagon caeremony and the president and first lady at the white house a little later this morning. next call for seth jones is from dan, georgetown, massachusetts. go ahead. >> caller: good morning. thanks for having me on.
7:55 pm
i just would like to say and i think i am the minority here but i think the biggest threat in our country and has been for some time is propaganda within our own country. we have been led to believe the storyline that is held up by continuing to repeat the same story line over and over and over. even though this story line is a fairy tale. one doesn't have to spend much time looking in to the events on 9/11 to realize that it was a giant shock situation. now, in 2012, the smith mund act
7:56 pm
was cut down. that act protected american citizens on american soil from receiving prob propaganda from our own government. >> host: is your point that 9/11 was an inside job? is that where you are headed? >> caller: i am not going there about inside job and this and that and the other thing. but what i can tell you is the story of the multiple buildings falling straight down in their own footprint and the events that happened that day held no water. the only thing holding it together is the media telling the same thing over and over again. and propaganda, you repeat the
7:57 pm
same thing over and over and tell the lie so big -- >> host: dan, i think we got the point. seth jones, we had the head of the architects of 9/11, the folks who think it is a planned attack and let them have their say. when you hear inside job or this was planned what is your reaction? >> seth: i have a couple comments. i saw the plane hit the pentagon. i was in pentagon city that day, saw the airplane hit -- >> host: that is right across center street from the pentagon. >> saw the airplane hit, saw the explosion, so, you know, i would -- in some sense there is a little bit of a disservice to those of us who were impacted directly or lost family members because of it. i served last year on the 9/11 commission, there was a
7:58 pm
congressionally funded look at the fbi after 9/11, between 9/11 and 2015 and the fbi's counterterrorism capability. and we have full access to classified and unclassified information within the government from across all agencies, a range of people were involved from former attorney generals and the best count counterterrorism experts. and this whole myth the u.s. government was involved in this is absolutely ludicrous. there is no evidence. the evidence is very significant in the other direction. bin laden took credit explaining how he did it and explained the operatives of the united states intelligence has been repeated. my last point is the following, after working in the government for a couple years and living in
7:59 pm
washington, it is probably worth having americans remember that washington cannot keep a secret. the idea that anybody in the united states government could keep a secret along these lines is not true. we see it with drone strikes and release of classified information in newspapers and the u.s. government can't keep the secret. it is the reality we live in. we saw it in the documents that have been released by multiply people over the last several years. i would say the preponderance of evidence and bin laden's comments along these lines are strongly indicating that al-qaeda, not only was involved in 9/11 and perpetrated it, but wants to do it again. i think you could argue about why spent too much money and whether we should be focused on other things. but the idea it didn't happen is
8:00 pm
just simply not true. >> several events were taking place in recognition of the 14th anniversary of 9/11. we will show you those next beginning with president obama and the first lady. then a pentagon ceremony with defense secretary ash carter and followed by a town hall event with president obama and service members at forte meade. and a reading of the name for those who died on september 11th. the reading took place at the national 9/11 memorial in new york city. this was the scene outside of the white house where president obama and the first lady led a moment of silence to remember the victims of 9/11. this took place on the south lawn with white house staff gathered around.


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